The decisions we take have the power to change the results we get and ultimately the course and trajectory of our life. Virtually every aspect of our life is determined by the actions we take. There is a great difference between taking a left turn or a right turn at a cross roads. There is a difference between taking action or taking no action. There is a difference between standing to fight or running away.
In health and well being there are a myriad of options we have every day which have the potential to affect how successfully our lives are lived.We all need to reflect on the fact that to a large extent our good or poor health can be determined by our choices.

Good choices for health include attention to rest, hygiene / cleanliness, stress reduction , healthy diet, exercise and avoiding harmful habits like smoking and alcohol excess. The real challenge is making the right choices in the face of what seems to be be viable alternatives. Who determines what is right and preferable? What is it that influences you? Can we live with the choices we make?

We all need to ask ourselves, will the making of simple choices help me in living healthier. It may appear rather simplistic, but life is a series of binary choices. Consider alcohol use : You can choose to consume sensible quantities of alcohol less than 14 units / week or you can throw caution to the wind and drink different alcoholic beverages with no regard to quantity. You can choose to reject the glamour or ‘fashionability’ of cigarette smoking or you can embrace the habit in order to fit in with smoking peers. You can choose to develop a healthy dietary practice with sensible consumption of protein and calories with the right balance of fresh fruit and vegetables or you could choose to embrace unhealthy diets of processed or fast food with excess fat, sugar and salt. The decision to take certain action or an alternative is influenced by several factors.
Many a time the lack of the right choices being taken by a individual reflects a state of being poorly informed. There could also be lack of motivation to do the right thing. Being in an environment where everybody is doing something has the potential to influence us to take certain actions or have certain attitudes. We tend to significantly influenced by our upbringing, what our family is like, the kind of friends we keep and who is able to influence us.We need to ensure that we are well informed about how we can make sensible choices that will enhance our health and wellbeing. 
Simple self enquiry steps that will help us make the right choices. We can at all stages ask the questions:
1. What are my options? Are there any benefits to doing things differently?
2. Who can I learn from? Where can I get more information?
3. What will it take to change my perspective? 
We are in a dispensation that we can change the outlook of our health and future by making the right choices. 
I hope to be able to share wisdom and insights that will be a positive influence on people to and help them make the decisions that will ultimately lead to more fulfilling lives and better health.                                                        

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