Private GP services

Dr Nnene will see you regarding any matter relating to your health. He is able to consult concerning patients of any age and any health related problem. He will carefully assess the presenting problem and attend to your concerns. A plan of action will be agreed after your consultation which may involve treatment, investigations or referral to a specialist. Dr Nnene has excellent relationships with outstanding consultant  specialists to whom referrals can be made promptly.

Health Screening

Full health screens are available

Travel Clinic

Dr Nnene offers full travel clinic services and would be happy to seen you concerning your planned foreign travel.                                                                                                            b



Dr Nnene will be able to discuss onward referral for investigations and management

Life and Marriage Coaching

Dr Nnene is able to offer life and marriage coaching. Please enquire how he can of help in this area.


Next Steps...

Dr Ike Nnene would be happy to see you concerning any aspect of your health and well being. Please enquire about booking an appointment.